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Pre-Signup Answers


Why do I need to signup? - Even though you may be a current APA/CPA Member, you will need to link your Membership with our website. This will enable you to keep your contact information updated, receive updates from the National Office and your local League, as well as see your stats from League Play.


Do I have to be a current (paid up) member to signup? - Yes, only current members can claim their Online Member Services accounts. Returning Members and New Members can claim their accounts by paying their membership fees online through Online Member Services.??


Post-Signup Questions


I forgot my password - If you forgot your password, click this link to go to a form to have your email sent to you with your password. If you do not see the email in your inbox, make sure to check your Spam folder.


How do I change my email address because I no longer use the one I signed up with? - If you are unable to login with the email address, you can either contact your Local League Operator, or click to contact the APA National Office here to have your email address changed. If you are already logged into your account and would like to change you email address, simply click on your Profile and update the email address field.


I never received the email link to complete the sign-up process. If you did not receive the email in your inbox, please check your Spam folder. To have the email link resent, click here.


How do I change my password when I'm in my account???- Login into members.poolplayers.com, click on "Profile"??at the top of the page. Just above "First Name" you will see the link "Update Password", click that link. You will need to input your old password along with your new password and then press CONTINUE.


Why should I completely fill in my Player Profile???- Having a completed profile gives us all the information we need to interact with you during the League year. Much of this information is used at various times during the year for different topics. We take your privacy and security very serious. You can be certain we only use your information for our purposes and we do not share it with anyone else. The website will prompt you occasionally to double-check your profile to make sure we have your most current information on file.


Where are the latest standings, schedules, etc...? - Where are the latest standings, schedules, etc...???- After you login, you will see the links at the top of the page. Click on the My Stats, Schedule & Rosters tab to see your information.


When will I receive my Membership kit? - We have moved to an all-digital membership kit. You will receive a link to the digital kit via email after you renew/join. As a result of this change, we no longer mail physical membership cards. You can locate your digital membership card in your Member Services account under your initials in the upper right hand corner of the app.

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